Monday, February 6, 2012

Housing the 4,000 Homeless in Baltimore

You are bound to encounter one of the 5,000 plus homeless people on any walk through Baltimore.  You can’t help but notice the alarming number of empty vacant homes. Many of the 5,000+ already live in these “bandominiums” with no electricity or running water. Could you do   that?
Hope is a key ingredient in overcoming homelessness. I propose a HOPE BUILD. This project would empower, educate and house many of the 5,000+. It would reduce the number of homeless and vacants here. Many have done similar projects but not on this scale.

PHASE ONE is to get the vacant properties donated for this massive rehabbing project. It could be modeled somewhat like Habitat for Humanity on a grander scale.

PHASE TWO is to get an army of volunteers and supporters to help teach the 5,000+ hands on rehabbing skills.

PHASE THREE is to get legal temporary encampment of safe build sites by the homeless working on that site if they choose.

PHASE FOUR - rehab/construction process.

FINAL PHASE HOME SWEET HOME FOR THE 5,OOO+.  Let those who participate in program live there.

Not in my neighborhood! Wake up. They are already there even if you can’t see them. Money lost by vacant property owners. Possibly getting the wealthiest 1% of cty dwellers to buy and donate them.

Reduced homelessness, Less vacants, Education,. Job Skills, empowerment, homes, hope
Come on Baltimore! We can and should do this! 

By: Bonnie Lane

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