Here is what audiences are saying about 
the Speakers' Bureau!

Responses from an 8th grade class:
    “Before I met you when you came to speak to my class I thought that most people who were homeless at least before the economy crashed were people who begged for money on the sides of streets.  I also didn’t have very much respect for many homeless people because I thought that they didn’t try to work out of being homeless.  But after I met you I gained a lot of respect for homeless people because I realized how hard it is.”

    “You gave me a better understanding about homelessness.  You completely changed my view.”

    “I was full of presumptions [about homelessness] that really weren’t true or accurate…your visit really moved me.”

    Responses from local high school students:

    "If homelessness hadn't already hit home to some, this presentation will hit home."

    "I liked that the presenters were so willing to give us a firsthand experience of homelessness so that we may understand more... it was done so well in a way that gives outsiders a light into what homelessness is truly like."

    "I liked, and am very thankful, that the panels were very open and honest. It gave me a better sense of homelessness."

    "I will never again pass a homeless person without making eye-contact."

    "By hearing direct experiences, the issue of homelessness became more real, more tangible.  We saw the homeless as people." 

    "Homelessness happens for a lot more reasons than i thought; it's a lot of work & a lot different than I thought.  I feel bad I was ever afraid of homeless people, it doesn't make much sense now."

    Response from a local college student:
    "I learned so much from this presentation in just an hour. It was helpful and rewarding to hear personal stories."