There are countless opportunities to volunteer. Here are just a few possibilities:
  • Host a speaking engagement or take the Injustice Walk
  • WE Need People who can shoot, cut & edit video very badly.
  • WE Need Volunteer/ Sometimes Paid drivers to help us get to speaking engagements.
  • WE Need graphic design help.
  • Organize a fundraiser to support a local organization providing services to homeless  individuals and families
  • Help create a short video with the Speakers' Bureau
  • Facilitate a photography training with members of the Speakers' Bureau 
  • Conduct trainings for speakers on public speaking and storytelling techniques
  • Moderate speakers panel (you will receive specific training)
  • Organize a drive to collect items for "street survival kits"
  • Let us know if you have any ideas for ways you'd like to get involved!
To get started or if you have questions contact us at:
                                     443-800-3098 or facesofhomelessnessbmore@gmail.com