Monday, November 5, 2012

We Remember Tony Friend

Last month a dear friend and member of the Speakers' Bureau named Tony Friend died during his sleep at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tony had been a member of the Baltimore Speakers' Bureau for nearly two years and was a passionate advocate for the rights of poor people throughout Baltimore and the state of Maryland. He gave enlightening presentations to students and community members around Baltimore with the Speakers’ Bureau and in his free time he fought for political change to create a more just and equal society for all. He was a dedicated member of the grassroots advocacy organization B'more Housing for All and he testified on multiple occasions before state officials in Annapolis. Although he acted tough and sometimes had a powerful temper, the people who were close to him knew that underneath his armor burned a generous heart and a love for justice.

Tony's death is a great loss that will be felt by many in Baltimore and beyond. His passion for justice lives on in those he inspired and we are proud to have known and worked with him these past few years.

We will always remember Tony Friend,
~The Speakers' Bureau

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