Friday, December 17, 2010

Homeless Persons' Memorial Day Schedule

5:00pm - Music will be played by Dean Jestes as people arrive to the Inner Harbor
5:30pmOpening: audience members will be asked to light candles representing each person who died
                 Prayer by Rev Jennifer Knighton of Grace United Church of Christ
                 Welcome message from Dan Rodericks
                 Proclamation: to be read by a member of the mayor’s office
                 Musical interlude – Earl’s Place A Cappella group
                 Message: Rita Williams
                 Memorial Litany:  Each person who died this year while experiencing homelessness or whose life  was significantly impacted by chronic homelessness  will have their name read by members of the advocacy group, Paul’s place volunteers and members of the planning committee or community whom wish to participate.  The response from the audience will be “We Will Remember”.  Available short stories will be read at this time as well.
                 Commendation: Rev. Mayo-Brooks
                 Sending Forth : James Crawford , Jr. 
                 A call to action and performance celebrating the lives of those memorialized by
Hip Hop for the Homeless

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